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Posted on: December 29th, 2012

Surreal. That is the only word I can muster up describing last night. Dinner party at Rodney Crowell and Claudia Church’s home. EmmyLou Harris, Guy Clark, and because I drank red wine I can’t remember the names of the other guests with them. It was a sweet evening with hilarious grill moments involving Rodney and his new passion or quest to be grill master. It was delicious. I listened to the stories, I looked around the table and nearly everyone (including my husband) was and is a hero of mine. My music school, my inspiration and my frustration all at the same time. Who the hell did I think I was ,wanting to be like them? Striving to be that damn good??

So we finished dinner and went back to Rodney’s studio to listen to the upcoming duet record he and EmmyLou just completed. It was some of the best real country music I’ve heard in ages. Then they paused, and played “Back When We Were Beautiful.” I tried hard not to cry ugly.  All the awards, the Hall of Fame, all the wonderful things I still can’t believe happened to me… this was something else. I was in that room with friends.  People I love.  I know.  My heroes.  And they recorded my song…and Guy Clark was listening.   Then Guy pulled out his new record, which is the best I’ve heard him in years. We all danced to his Texas Cornmeal Waltz song. It was pure joy. Guy is still amazing and still surprising me.

I thank God above right now for my blessings. You can’t make this shit up.

3 Responses

  1. Andy O'Leary says:

    Matraca you are so sweet and humble but as far as I am concerned, you ARE that damned good.
    Happy New Year
    Lovin’ the blog!

  2. What an evening! My husbnd and I love your sensual voice, your smile, your songs…your humility…factor missing in too many. Cried through “Good Ole Girls at Belcourt… no matter how many times I hear. Only see you at Blue Bird and Belcourt…not enough!

    At dinner party once at Tom T’s. Waylon and Jesse were there…felt in tall cotton. Jesse played “Storms Never Last Do they Baby,” with Waylon sitting beside her. Time not to be forgotten!

  3. Oops! What an evening!was bout your evening…can’t imagine…You are a fantastic lady!

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