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Update from Matraca

Posted on: July 3rd, 2012

It has been 107 degrees for days in Nashville. Weeks without rain. Fortunately, I have been in the studio everyday getting this next record together. My deadline moved up July 31st and we have been at it 24/7 it seems. I literally have been coming home and writing at night , recording the next day…on and on and on. The great news is it has become a very interesting project. My cello, bass, b-3, percussion playing engineer friend, David Henry, is co-producing now and we have added Jason Goforth to the project. Jason is a lovable mad scientist who plays slide and harmonica and provides the most incredible sounds I’ve heard since Daniel Lanois . He played with Over the Rhine awhile, David, with the Cowboy Junkies. Steve Bowman, formerly of Counting Crows stops in and provides killer groove when drums are called for. Interesting indeed.

There is heavy construction going on across the street from David’s studio, and it’s almost becoming funny, how we jump up and do a quiet track when the machines stop for a minute. David is working on EPK. You will witness this and be amazed the sound wasn’t ruined. Resting today. (she said)… peace,love, M

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  1. Ms. Berg says:

    Ms. Berg
    I have just discovered you and your talents. I found you when I looked up my cousin Jim Baker on the net. Jim and I used to talk on the phone a couple times a year, he was my favorite cousin. I got feeling the need to talk to
    sutie so I called her on the phone it was great as I was always so proud that they went to nashville and made something of themselves. As I searched the net you popped up speaking about your aunt Sutie and uncle Jim wow am I impressed. I think you are a second cousin or something. but no matter what I feel a kinship with you. best wishes cousin. Your new fan
    William Richards

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