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Sunday, July 8th

Posted on: July 8th, 2012

We finished tracking Friday the 7th. I am tired and happy. Listened to rough mixes tonight and felt good about it all. Then, like a miracle, it started to rain. I sat out on the porch as long as my Aussie would allow. Buddy doesn’t like storms.

The breeze cooled and the rain felt clean and full of promise. I took it as a sign.
I will be turning the record over to Proper U.K., then Dualtone U.S.. Hope it all goes well.

The record is more hopeful, but the dark underbelly still lives, and there is a catfish bottomfeeder, navigating the deep, cleaning up the dregs… as it should be in all southern gothic art. I feel happy and relieved.

Coming soon…

3 Responses

  1. Dale Rhode says:

    I could read, and listen to, your writing for hours and never get bored!!!love Love LOVE Ya!!!

  2. Bruce Spinks says:

    This is a nice little finishing touch. A sort of writer’s afterword. Glad that the “dark underbelly still lives.” Real important. Can’t wait to hear it…. but sadly I’ll have to. Best of everything with all of it Matraca

  3. Keith Ledbetter says:

    Oh, Matraca, everything you do…….
    You’re the greatest. You wring my heart out everytime you write. If you ever come to OKC, you’re welcome to stay at our house. I’m sure I can clear that with my wife, Kim.
    You are a true artist, and I love everything you’ve done. I’m always telling people, “Matraca Berg wrote that”.
    XOXO Sincerely, Keith W. Ledbetter

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