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“The Dreaming Fields” video

Posted on: April 10th, 2012

The new video for “The Dreaming Fields” was first started by Jack Spencer, the well-known photographer known for his haunting landscapes and startling portraits. His best known work is The Lost Boys. I was a huge fan of his work and approached him about shooting a video. I was startled when he said yes. Many of the beautiful wide landscapes are his. He unfortunately had some pressing business to attend to and had trouble getting back to finish the piece. His protege, ┬áassistant, John Morgan, generously volunteered to finish the video. Much of the old footage you see is John’s own family. I wish I had that much of mine, but it occurs to me with every viewing it could be anyone’s family. The kitchen in the scene was so similar to my granmother’s I cried.

The Berg family farm was sold when my grandparents were too old to run it. It went through a couple more sales and, because it is so difficult to keep a small family farm running, it is now being sold off in parcels. I heard a rumor the old house is being torn down. I am going to try to talk the owner into letting me walk through one last time before it goes. The time I had with Inga and Elmer Berg and my family were some of my favorite memories as a child. Farms are magical to a little one. This is tribute to their hard work and their love. Well done Jack, and John..

4 Responses

  1. Tony Gregory says:

    Matraca’s music has always been personal to me. I love her lyrics and imagry. Later, as she made videos, I liked her style and obvious beauty. Her music has weight and makes you think, makes you remember or makes you happy.

  2. Bob Crain says:

    Nice…though I have never been a big fan of music as a “visual” form, I thought you drew the picture pretty clear with the song. I was lucky enough to spend some time on my grandparents farm in Okla. when I was a young boy so I got it.

    Having been a fan since Sunday Morning to Saturday Night with some of those songs being my amongst my absolute favorites (and I am almost 60 so that covers some ground)I was really excited when I got the news on Dreaming Fields, I had it as fast as Amazon could get it to Australia. It’s great! love Your Husband’s Cheatin On Us and the rest! Also notice you are singing back up on a Neil Young CD….also a favorite.

    Now there is only one question….WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO AUSTRALIA? Really love your complete body of work and would love to hear you live, if not here next time I am in the States.

    I have just finished my 2nd CD, HUMANOLOGY 101, noting on the net yet but will send a link when my new website is finished and I have a couple of tracks up there.

    Agree with your point in an earlier blog regarding the internet and musicians being able to make a living…”video killed the radio star” and the internet is killing Album/CD sales. It’s sad if you think of all of those album cuts one misses if they just download a couple of “hits”. “Progress”??????

    All the best from Downunder


  3. Mert says:

    Go girl .. you are brilliant . Can’t get your music in streos in Oz. We have rely on you tube and the net to get your music. Have you ever toured Australia? I have found´╗┐ Circus Girl which we love and we are spreading the word over here. You are special Gretchen.

  4. Keith Ledbetter says:

    Beautiful song and video, Matraca. Takes me back to my youth. My dad and his family worked the farm and picked cotton. I see the passing of an era and way of life.
    Love ya bunches.

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